Writing examples

In 2020 I completed a work placement at BBC Wildlife Magazine, where I experienced how the magazine is run and the daily tasks that are involved. I was fortunate enough to be able to write articles for their online website, two of the article links can be found below. 

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Largest number of baby Siamese crocodiles spotted by conservationists in Cambodia. 

This article focuses on the exciting news that Siamese crocodiles have been breeding in the wild. Once thought to be extinct in the wild, this provides hope for the future of Siamese crocodiles in Cambodia. 

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India's bird population in serious decline, finds new study. 

This article shows how hundreds of India’s bird species, including eagles, vultures, migrating shorebirds and warblers have decreased significantly in the last 25 years. Birdwatchers came together to create this report which has been able to identify the birds that are in need of conservation efforts.  

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As part of my internship at the Elephant and Bees research centre with Save the Elephants I had the freedom to write my own blog posts for the 'Fieldnotes' section on their website. I enjoyed combining my photos and writing to inform people about the work being undertaken at the research centre from my own perspective. 

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Don’t forget to check unoccupied hives…

This blog post was created to help inform readers of what type of pests could be found within beehives and the issues that they cause. Ranging from bats, ants and longhorn beetles to name a few. 

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Friday's are for Farm Club! 

A mini photo story from the weekly farm club meant I could explain the benefits and the aims of having agriculture and organic farming lessons. Especially in an area where the soil fertility is low. 

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Meet Derick Wanjala, our Beehive Fence Officer!

This blog is formatted in an interview style, giving readers an insight into the roles and lifestyle of Derick Wanjala. Someone I had the pleasure of working with throughout my internship. 

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