Hi, I’m Robyn - a wildlife and conservation photographer with a real passion for animal tracking and African wildlife.


My love for photography started at an early age when I experienced firsthand the beauty of South Africa’s landscape and wildlife when regularly visiting Pilanesberg National Park. After moving to the UK, I appreciated the frequent opportunities to travel back to Africa and document my trips. My concerns for wildlife have sparked a desire to educate myself further on the rising threats they face, as well as the conservation efforts that are being used to monitor and track species.  


My growing passion for photography, and concerns for the environment, led me to study Marine and Natural History Photography at Falmouth University (2018-2021). While my focus is currently on photographing how people are tracking and monitoring animals, my previous projects have ranged from documenting a local milk farm to capturing portraits of zoo animals with a focus on their environment, at Bristol and Newquay Zoo. 

Artist Statement


The need to explore is a passion of mine. I want to inspire people to question and examine - extending their knowledge.


I am passionate about conservation and documenting both people and wildlife in their natural environment. As a wildlife tracking enthusiast, I hope to increase awareness of this technology in a visually engaging way that leaves people wanting to investigate the scientific research further.


I aim to create photographs that have meaning and purpose. My extensive travels have provided an opportunity to make singular images of animals in their natural habitats, which are able to stand out on their own. More recently I have been working on creating a series of images that complement one another to form a narrative and raise awareness.